Using Projector Midi Remote with Isadora

The Projector Midi Remote ( may be one of the single simplest and most useful programs ever made (for people who play with projectors for a living) but for a very long time I was confounded at how to connect it with Isadora or Qlab. Turns out the answer is incredibly simple. 

  1. Download Projector Midi Remote and make sure it's connected with your projectors.
  2. Go to Applications > Utilities and open Audio Midi Setup
  3. In Window click on Show Midi Studio (or just hit ⌘2)
  4. Open the IAC Driver by double-clicking on it and make sure that Device is online is turned on.
  5. Open Isadora and create a Send Control actor
  6. In Projector midi remote click the Learn button next to your desired projector and function (I'd recommend only connection the shutters for safety reasons).
  7. Now Trigger your Send Control actor in Izzy and the the numbers next to the projector midi remote should now match the Channel and Controller values in Izzy.
  8. Sending 0 and 1 values will switch your shutters on and off. (There may be some delay in Projector Midi Remote's indicators switching to the correct status but dont worry, the actual control happens with practically no delay)

This is similar to how you can connect Projector Midi Remote with Qlab. For that I'd recommend following the link:!topic/qlab/l6ugKy5nrCk

Hopefully this works for you and helps your tech run even smoother!