Triggering Qlab through a Lighting Board

This is something I've always known I needed to learn and recently I was forced to figure it out. Big thanks to Matthew Houstle for stepping me through it.  

First you'll need some sort of midi connector to USB or Ethernet connector for connecting the board and your device. Test that you're getting signal by using the MIDI Monitor program that comes in the Mac's utilities.  

On the board (in this case an ETC Ion) 

  • Go to Show Setup menu
  • Find Show Control menu
  • Set the MSC transmit channel to any number. I believe it defaults to 0

In QLab

  • Select the workspace options. (Aka the cog in the corner) 
  • Under MIDI Control, check the Use MIDI Show Control
  • Set the Device ID to match the MTC Transmit number from the board. 
  • No just match the cue numbers in qlab to the light cue numbers. 


John EricksonComment